Sustainability Matters 8th June 2023

In this edition of Sustainability Matters in which you can read about;

      •    Seeing More Clearly
      •    Legal Rights to Sea Turtles, Boosting ‘Rights of Nature’ Movement
      •   Navigating the New Frontier of Sustainability Standards
      •    Letters from the Atmosphere
      •    Why Ideas of ‘Planetary Boundaries’ Must Uphold Environmental Justice
      •    Review of Australia’s Modern Slavery Act
      •    More than 5,000 New Species Discovered in Pacific Deep-sea Mining Hotspot
      •    Improved Climate Action Toolbox
      •    Electricity Being Made from Thin Air
      •    380 New Species Discovered in a Year in Ark of Biodiversity in Greater Mekong
      •    Talking the Talk But Not Walking the Walk – The Absence of Net Zero Financial Disclosures
      •    By Fighting the Ozone Hole, We Accidentally Saved Ourselves
      •    Best Practices in Sustainability Education
      •    2023 Global Slavery Index
      •    Launch of Insights on New Zealand Sustainability Professionals 2023
      •    Democratic Innovation: Why We Need It and How We Can Do It
      •    First Steps Agreed on Plastics Treaty Breakthrough at Paris Talks
      •    Our Actions Tell a Story – oatas
      •    Electric Cars Too Heavy for Car Parks
      •    Microcars Invading Cycle Lanes of Amsterdam
      •    NZI EV Fleet Guide: A Comprehensive EV Adoption Guide for Business Fleets
      •    With Green Prescriptions, Getting Healthier Is a Walk in the Park.

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