Sustainability Matters 6th June 2024

Welcome to this edition of Sustainability Matters. In it you can read about;

      •    IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards: Updated Guide for Considering Integrated Reporting Framework
      •    Carbon Emissions – To Cut or Offset?
      •    In Defence of the Not-So-Creepy Critters
      •    Climate Court Cases Which Could Set Precedents Around the World
      •    Elevate Your Sustainability Skills
      •    From War Machine to Supermarket Staple: A History of the Plastic Bag
      •    The Sustainable Business Handbook: A Guide to Becoming More Innovative, Resilient and Successful
      •    Seaweed and Mussel Farming Increases Wild Fish Populations
      •    Revolutionary World-first NZ Electric Hydrofoiling Passenger Boat
      •    SBC Guide: Adapting to Climate Change (including disclosures)
      •    Two New Standards Issued
      •    Ethical Infrastructure: UK Experiences and Australian Developments
      •    Ecological Grief: How Can Those at Risk be Helped?
      •    Self-dusting Solar Panels
      •    Duende: From Scream to Song at the Edge of Insanity
      •    How an El Niño-Driven Drought Brought Hunger to Southern Africa
      •    Sustainability Reporting Standards and Landscape
      •    China Latest of 20+ Jurisdictions to Integrate ISSB Standards into Sustainability Disclosures
      •    Nature at a Tipping Point: How investors in Asia Pacific can Manage Nature-related Risks
      •    Taking the Heat Out of Harmful Coolants
      •    IFRS S1 and IFRS S2: Two Webcasts Outlining Their Financial Effects.

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