Sustainability Matters 2nd March 2023

Welcome to this edition of Sustainability Matters in which you can read about;

      •    First Working paper on Managed Retreat Law Released by EDS
      •    New Zealand Climate Clause Bank
      •    Finance Minister Fed Up with Some Reporting
      •    Environmental Defence Society Conference 2023 – Pivot Point
      •    A Call for Balance for Sustainability Practitioners
      •    Films of Potential Interest
      •    Bioengineering Repairs to Ecologically Fragile Landscapes
      •    8 Easy Ways to Reduce Microplastic Waste
      •    Wild Isles
      •    Climate-related Financial Disclosure: CA ANZ Submission
      •    Urban Trees Can Save Lives
      •    Sustainability Centres Community Workshop
      •    Circular Economy Boost Session!
      •    2023 Insights on New Zealand Sustainability Professionals Survey
      •    100 speakers with Impactful Ideas: Planetary Stewardship Highlights – TEDxBoston
      •    ESG Factors – What They Are and Why They Matter
      •    NZ App Helps Cut Commuters’ Emissions
      •    Directors’ Duties: LCANZ Submission – Issues to Think About
      •    How Can we Rethink Climate Communications to Reach Deniers and ‘Delayers’?
      •    Central Queensland Coal Mine Blocked – An Australian First
      •    The City Where Third Graders Train to Be Engineers.

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