Sustainability Matters 28th September 2023

In this edition of Sustainability Matters in which you can read about;

      •    NZ’s Biggest Freshwater Springs Granted Highest Legal Protection
      •    Top Carbon Offset Projects May Not Cut Planet-Heating Emissions
      •    Now we Have Two New Sustainability Disclosure Standards, What’s Next?
      •    Putting Green Jobs in the Curriculum
      •    Sustainability Essentials – Micro Course
      •    Sustainability Reporting – Micro Course
      •    Accounting and Audit Seminar 2023: Sustainability in the Face of Recession
      •    ‘War Is Good for Business,’ Declares Executive at London’s Global Arms Fair
      •    Accounting for the Future
      •    Will this [NZ] Summer be Too Hot for Work?
      •    From Carbon Sink to Source: The Stark Changes in Arctic Lakes
      •    Southern Ocean’s Shrunken Sea Ice Has Entered ‘New State’
      •    Impact Accounting ‘Urgently’ Needed – Roche’s Hoffmann
      •    TNFD Launches Framework on Nature-related Risk Reporting
      •    Low-Income Housing Made from Coffee Waste
      •    Why We Need to Get Better at Measuring Scope 3 Emissions
      •    The Transition from Academia into Policy Advocacy
      •    California Approves USA’s Most Sweeping Emissions Disclosure Rules for Big Business
      •    Concrete 30% Stronger with Coffee Grounds
      •    We Can Produce Our Own Power: Community Energy Projects in Aotearoa.

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