Sustainability Matters 26th October 2023

In this edition of Sustainability Matters in which you can read about;
      •    XRB Publishes Comparison Document for NZ CS and IFRS S1 and S2
      •    Research: Rapid Ice Melt in West Antarctica Now Inevitable
      •    Climate Ready Australia National Summit
      •    Continued Progress on Ambition Contrasts with Lack of Detailed Action Plans
      •    How Congruent is Budget 2023 with New Zealand’s Climate Commitments?
      •    EU Reaches Deal on Exit Schedule from Climate-wrecking F-gases
      •    Climate Outlook for Aotearoa Predicts Rivers in the Sky, Heatwaves in the Sea
      •    Degrowth for a New Generation
      •    Possums, Rats, Stoats and Old Scooter Batteries
      •    The Planet’s Big Blue Machine: Why the Ocean Engine Matters
      •    The Blue Machine: How the Ocean Works
      •    A Director’s Guide to Mandatory Climate Reporting
      •    Multidimensional Disadvantage and Wellbeing
      •    Sustainability Leaders Summit 2023
      •    Water from Abandoned Coal Mines Heating Buildings
      •    How Coke Killed the Refillable Bottle
      •    Australia Breaches WHO Treaty with Carbon Neutral Certification of Big Tobacco Company
      •    Transition Plan Taskforce Unveils ‘Gold Standard’ Climate Disclosure Frameworks

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