Sustainability Matters 25th April 2024

Welcome to this ANZAC Day edition of Sustainability Matters. In it you can read about;

      •    Will COP’s Ever Deliver the Climate Outcomes Needed?
      •    Integrating Nature Disclosures: A Strategic Imperative for CFO’s and Finance teams
      •    AI Energy Use Soars — and Mostly Secret
      •    Building of NZ’s Largest Solar Farm Started
      •    The Role of Industry Associations
      •    High Tide Don’t Hide
      •    New NZ Government Blocks Efforts to Protect Deep Sea Life from Bottom Trawling
      •    The Recloaking Papatūānuku Infographic
      •    Measuring Through Metering
      •    Rwanda is on Track to Light Up Every Household
      •    How Animal Senses Reveal the Hidden Realms Around Us
      •    Nepal Unprecedented Decline in Poverty
      •    Environment Court Shuts Down Pākiri Sand Mining Appeal
      •    The Biggest Electric Excavator in NZ Unveiled
      •    Defeated Bill Not the End of Fight for Right to Sustainable Environment – Shaw
      •    Solomon Islands Tribes Sell Carbon Credits, Not Their Trees
      •    Global Life Expectancy has Increased, Especially in Africa
      •    Human Rights, Environment Obligations, and Ethical Investment: New Zealand is Going Down the Wrong Path
      •    Our Land 2024
      •    Inside the UK’s First Open-Access, Pay-As-You-Go Factory
      •    Portable Energy Storage System Made with Used EV Batteries
      •    GLAD Bags Manufacturer in Court for ‘50% Ocean Plastic’ Claims.

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