Sustainability Matters 23rd May 2024

Welcome to this edition of Sustainability Matters. In it you can read about;

      •    Reporting on Climate-related Commitments
      •    Closing the Gap: Hidden Emissions and Untapped Potential of Buildings to Reduce Costs and Deliver for Carbon Budgets
      •    A Powerful, Articulate, Lucid Statement by Activist to BIG Oil and Gas
      •    UN Expert Attacks ‘Exploitative’ World Economy in Fight to Save Planet
      •    The Mass Timber Revolution and its Hidden Impact on Our Carbon Footprint
      •    Key Results from CA ANZ’s 2024 Climate and Nature Member Survey
      •    Escaping Capitalism: How to Replace the ‘Logic’ of Psychopaths, Pharma Bros, and Private Prisons
      •    Global Accounting Alliance Commissioned Report on Corporate Natural Capital Accounting
      •    Corporate Climate Watchdog Document Deems Carbon Offsets Largely Ineffective
      •    Fossil-Free Fashion Scorecard 2024
      •    A Fast Track to Environmental Degradation
      •    Mindful Money Conference & Awards 2024
      •    Adverse Impacts of WW1 Could Last Up To 10,000 Years
      •    Tucson is Planting a Million Trees with Pinpoint Accuracy
      •    XRB Establishes Sustainability Reporting Board
      •    World Economy Already Committed to Income Reduction of 19% Due to Climate Change
      •    THE FUTURE IS NOW: Biodiversity, Climate and Us
      •    Navigating the Impacts of Climate Change on Occupational Health and Safety
      •    Creating a Sustainability Literate Workforce
      •    Tracking Illicit Brazilian Beef from the Amazon to Your Burger

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