Sustainability Matters 20th July 2023

In this edition of Sustainability Matters in which you can read about;

      •    A Shared North Star: Intergenerational Wellbeing Requires System Change
      •    Reshaping the Economy
      •    2023 Winners of the Ethical & Impact Awards
      •    Sustainability Fundamentals: Reporting Toolkit
      •    A Filter Could be a Simple Solution to Your Laundry Releasing Microplastics
      •    In the Market for Solar power? Don’t Fall for These Tricks
      •    Brands Put Brakes on Bioplastics Over Biodiversity and Recyclability Concerns
      •    The Rise of Generation Left Could Spell Trouble for National
      •    Plastic Waste Briefing
      •   Greenwashing At the Supermarket: Can We Trust Environmental Claims?
      •    Artificial Intelligence Tech Gets Gong for Stopping Wind Turbines Hitting Birds
      •    7 Sustainability Trends 2023
      •    Timber Harvests to Meet Global Wood Demand will Bring Soaring Emissions: Study
      •    Solar-(em)powered: Streetlights Illuminate a Path Towards Climate Resilience
      •    Limitless ‘White’ Hydrogen May Soon Shatter All Energy Assumptions
      •    Consultation: Proposed Guidance and Expectations for Keeping Proper Climate-Related Disclosure Records
      •    A Guide to Just Transitions for Communities in New Zealand
      •    Consultation on a Biodiversity Credit System for Aotearoa New Zealand
      •    Climate Change Adaptation: Impact of Extremes
      •    Shelter in Our Changing Climate: Challenges and Pathways.

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