Sustainability Matters 19th January 2023

Welcome to the first 2023 edition of Sustainability Matters. May this and forthcoming editions inform, encourage, delight, motivate, enrage (yes ‘enrage’), antagonise (yes that too) you and help you in whatever your ‘sustainability’ interests, doings, quests, ambitions, mullings, roles, leadership, encouraging, educating, training, goals, strategies or plans are.

Although perhaps not everyone‘s ‘cup of tea’, The A-CSEAR Conference and Emerging Scholars Colloquium mid-December in Wellington was a delight to attend. The 2023 version will be in held in Brisbane.

Meanwhile you can read about;

      •    Historic Framework for Nature Adopted at COP15 in Montreal
      •    NZ’s Climate Standards Published by XRB
      •    Value Commission Launched
      •    Climate-related Disclosure – Australia
      •    First Annual Climate Change Statement to Australian Parliament
      •    Without Exception Always an Excellent Resource
      •    Seven Actions for 2023
      •    Climate Risk in Financial Statements
      •    IFRS/ISSB Corporate Reporting Series
      •    Ten Retrofits to Protect Homes Against Flood, Fires, Heat and Cold
      •    Handbook of Accounting and Sustainability
      •    The Sustainability EXPO – Rolleston
      •    How to Talk About Climate Change with ‘that’ uncle at Christmas
      •    USA Federal Supplier Climate Risks and Resilience Proposed Rule
      •    Valuing Nature: The case for Nature-related Assessment and Disclosure
      •    Washington, Students Learn About Climate Change Like Nowhere Else
      •    President of the Cop28
      •    Australia-Asia Solar PowerLink Collapse
      •    Why was Roman Concrete Self-Healing? – Riddle Solved
      •    academyEX Launched
      •    New Zealand is Stuck in the Mud
      •    183 Ways the World Improved in 2022

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