Sustainability Matters 17th August 2023

Welcome to another edition of Sustainability Matters; the first in four weeks. While I did contemplate an edition of more than 4 pages to make up for the shortfall, I perceived you may already have too much to read, and providing more might not be helpful for most readers. With that in mind here are the item’s I’ve curated for you;

      •    Crucial Global Climatic System Could Face Tipping Point in Two Years
      •    Removing Carbon from Earth’s Atmosphere May Not ‘Fix’ Climate Change
      •    Climate Change Means Farms Must Adapt
      •    Just Transitions Guide to Help Aotearoa New Zealand Communities
      •    Talk About It: How Climate Conversation Groups Inspire Action
      •    Citizens’ Assemblies Give Hope for Reinvigorating Democracy
      •    Disaster Recovery Efforts Can Service More than One Goal
      •    ETS Judicial Review Success
      •    The Colour of Grass Roots: Diversifying the Climate Movement
      •    Development of a Company‐Level Cost‐Benefit Analysis Framework
      •    Regenerating Nature in Aotearoa New Zealand: The Transformative Role of Business
      •    Scaling Limestone Calcined Clay Cement (LC3): Learnings from the First Movers
      •    Masterclass: Communicating Sustainability
      •    Climate Action Aotearoa. The Funders Commitment on Climate Action
      •    How Do Australian Banks Stack Up on Climate Action?
      •    Don’t Let a Good Story Get in the Way of the Truth
      •    Training: Asking Climate Questions at Candidate Meetings
      •    ‘Old ladies’: How Senior Swimmers Clean Up
      •    Over 85% of Vietnam’s Major Businesses Commit to ESG Standards
      •    Mainstream Economists Accused of Playing Down Climate Threat
      •    Weaving Climate and Ecological Resilience into Our Whenua.

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