Sustainability Matters 16th March 2023

Welcome to this 5-page edition of Sustainability Matters in which you can read about;
      •    High Seas Treaty: Historic Deal to Protect International Waters Finally Reached at UN
      •    We Can’t Afford to Choose Adaptation Over Cutting Emissions – Suggesting Otherwise is Dangerous
      •    High Seas Treaty Exempts Deep-Sea Mining from Stricter Environmental Rules
      •    ‘Dead’ Electric Car Batteries Find a Second Life Powering Cities
      •    Five of Paul Polman’s Tips for Being an Effective Sustainability Leader
      •    Six Key Takeaways From the IFRS Sustainability Symposium
      •    Are PHEVs and Hybrid Cars Achieving Their Fuel Efficiency Claims?
      •    Docket – Supply Chain Toolbox
      •    The Vital Role of Business and Primary Sectors in Combatting Biodiversity Loss
      •    Boost Your Knowledge on Sustainability
      •    Merger of Reporting Standards Body ISSB Desirable but ‘Impossible’, says GRI’s CEO
      •    Designing Accreditation Programmes for Sustainability Professionals

      •    ICAEW Fundamentals of Sustainability Programme
      •    Aotearoa Circle Web Series | Local Govts Role in Reaching Our Climate Goals
      •    Longevity Research Suggests Mammals Which Live in Groups May Live Longer
      •    Why Bringing Climate Change into the Indian Medical Curriculum was a Belated Necessity
      •    The Age of Acceleration
      •    Do Your Carbon Consultants Know What They are Talking About?
      •    Willow Oil Project in Alaska Approved
      •    15 Best Climate Change Documentaries to Stream (2023)
      •    Sustainability Leaders Across Asia Pacific Recognised at Eco-Business A-List Awards.

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