Sustainability Matters 15th February 2024

A ‘heads up’. The next edition of Sustainability Matters will be next week rather than in two weeks. Some of my overseas family will be visiting NZ from late February and I will be fully engaged with them for a couple of weeks 😊
Don’t worry, there is heaps of potential content juggling for “it’s day in the sunlight”.
Meanwhile you can read about;

      •    Are Environmental Taxes the Perfect Solution Which Nobody Wants?
      •    With Urgency – NZ Govt’s Reforms
      •    Investments: Messaging Makes a Difference
      •    Carbon Crush
      •    Tech Guide: Carbon Footprint Management
      •    Two Countries Ratify Global Ocean Treaty
      •    The 3D-Printed Affordable Housing of the Future Will Be Recyclable
      •    A Shared Future: Working with Communities to Adapt to a Changing Climate
      •    Climate-related Financial Impact Guide
      •    As Use of A.I. Soars, So Does the Energy and Water It Requires
      •    Shaping Tomorrow Together: Exploring the Deliberative Democracy Journey
      •    Paris Votes to Triple SUV Parking Fees
      •    2024 New Zealand for Purpose Reporting Awards
      •    Two CA ANZ Webinars
      •    This Cheap Street Fix Saves Lives. Why Don’t More Cities Do It?
      •    Canadian Beef Farmers on Track to Meet 2030 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Goal
      •    IFRS Sustainability Symposium 2024
      •    Closing the Gap: Investor Insights into Decision-Useful Climate Data Assurance
      •    Judge Acquits Greta Thunberg
      •    Natural Hydrogen: A Potential Clean Energy Source Beneath Our Feet.

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