Sustainability Matters 14th March 2024

Welcome to this edition of Sustainability Matters. In it you can read about;

      •    Fast-track Approvals Bill
      •    Carbon Emissions – To Cut or To Offset?
      •    Sports Group Putting Environmental Goals into Action
      •    Shield Your Drinking Water from Microplastics via Boiling
      •    To Accelerate Climate Action, More Women Must Run the World
      •    GPS on Land Transport and Fast Track Consents – Bad News for the Climate
      •    The Butterfly Redemption
      •    SEC Drops Some Emissions Disclosure Requirements from Draft Climate Rules
      •    Closing Statement from Dr Ganesh Nana
      •    Reframing Sustainability Initiatives in Higher Education
      •    Excess Units in NZ ETS Pose a Risk to NZ Meeting Climate Goals
      •    Medieval Horizons: Why the Middle Ages Matter
      •    Australia’s Financial Stability Confirmed as Being at Risk
      •    Webinar to Discuss Climate Commission’s Latest NZ ETS Advice
      •    Can Cities Drive SUVs Off Their Streets?
      •    Flying Blind: In a Holding Pattern
      •    US Excise Taxes Advance Wildlife Conservation and Outdoor Recreational Access
      •    How Should Businesses Measure and Maximise Social Impact?
      •    Young Activists Lobby for Australian Law on Climate Harm
      •    Medellín’s Green Corridors Are a Breath of Fresh, Cool Air.

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