Sustainability Matters 14th December 2023

Welcome to this last 2023 edition of Sustainability Matters while COP28 is still in progress. The good news is negotiations continue.
Meanwhile you can read about;

      •    COP28 Success or Failure?
      •    Collaboration and Sustainability Guidelines
      •    EU Criminalises Environmental Damage ‘Comparable to Ecocide’
      •    Government Releases Climate Change Commission’s 2nd Emissions Reduction Plan
      •    PetroStates of Decline: Oil and Gas Producers Face Growing Fiscal Risks
      •    Is the Torrent of Climate Disinformation Still More Powerful Than Available Remedies?
      •    Nature Given a Voice in Boardrooms
      •    Hot Water, Low Emissions: Case Study Switch to Renewables
      •    Energy Efficiency Could Offer Major Climate Wins. But What Is It?
      •    Cohousing for Life: A Practical and Personal Story of Earthsong Eco-Neighbourhood
      •    Study Suggests Microplastics Could Trigger Cloud Formation and Affect the Weather
      •    Prepare for El Niño
      •    Heart of Country: A Documentary and Truth Telling Journey Filmed Across Australia
      •    Finite: The Climate of Change Review – Powerful Case Against Climate Crisis Fatigue
      •    We Can Produce Our Own Power
      •    Board Game Gift Ideas for Nature-Loving Kids
      •    The Activist Training Lab
      •    12 graphs Showing New Zealand is Doing Better than You Think
      •    Using Locally Sourced Timber
      •    I’m a Climate Scientist. I’m Not Screaming into the Void Anymore.
      •    Winners of the UK Social Enterprise Awards 2023

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