Sustainability Matters 11th April 2024

Welcome to this edition of Sustainability Matters. In it you can read about;

      •    An Optimist’s Guide to the Planet
      •    Sustainability Reporting – The Guide to Preparation
      •    An Outline of Some of the Government’s Retrograde Action Since Elected
      •    SBN is Literally on the Move
      •    Rod Oram Memorial Service
      •    Climate Scientist Dr Jim Salinger Named New Zealander of the Year
      •    Business Decision Template
      •    Call on Investors to Divest from Advertising Agencies Working for Polluting Clients
      •    Ours is the Most Wasteful Civilisation in History. Here’s How to Stop It
      •    Net Zero Economy Authority Bill Is a Step Towards a Fair and Well Planned Transition
      •    Housing Summit 2024
      •    Nepali Engineer’s Mission to Recycle All Hospital Waste
      •    What You Need to Know About Modern Slavery
      •    Nature in Responsible Investments
      •    Plastic-Free Clothing – Handbook
      •    We Must Not Neglect Our Fundamental Infrastructure – Biodiversity
      •    Emissions from International Shipping and Aviation – Include in 2050 Target?
      •    World’s Biggest Economies Pumping Billions into Fossil Fuels in Poor Nations
      •    Court Verdict on Climate Action Could Ripple Across Europe
      •    The Social Cost of Carbon is Now US$225 per tonne – What This Means for Asia

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