With a quite long history there has been a considerable amount of unsolicited feedback about the newsletter Sustainability Matters . For your possible interest here is a small selection – chosen at random.

As an aside, a small number of readers have been receiving the newsletter from inception. A few of those who drop off the mail list ask to be put back on.

Readers come from a wide range of callings.

•   Sustainability Matters is always very useful and stimulating; 30th September 2016

•   Thank you so much for your invaluable work and passion! We are looking forward to receiving your newsletters every fortnight, there is always something to discover, something that makes you think, something that broadens your horizon; 5th September 2016

•   I always read your newsletter – please keep sending to this eMail address Ray. Keep up the good work; 27th August 2016

•   All the best and thanks for a stunning (as usual) newsletter!; 18th August 2016

•   Your dedication and perseverance in producing this wonderful resource is greatly appreciated; 18th August 2016

•   She has commended Sustainability Matters to me I wondered if you could add me to your distribution list; 29th April 2016

•   I LOVE this publication and don’t want you to ever stop creating it… ; 22nd July 2016

•   Some fabulous articles in this edition Ray, great job; 6th July 2016

•    I am always delighted to read your carefully put together newsletter. This is an important medium for me to keep up to date about what is happening in the sustainability sector, in particular in New Zealand; 16th December 2014

•    Than you Ray! Your diligence is much appreciated. I don’t want to miss one bulletin I have read since I moved to NZ (10 years ago next month!); 14th November 2014

•    ….. We all appreciate the breadth of articles you manage to source for each of your publications and they are valuable for informing us about what is happening in many different areas; 3rd October 2014

•   I have been so behind – but from now on , will open it ASAP – it is an absolute GOLDMINE! and you can quote me on your web site!!!; Clare Feeney 26th August 2014

•   I always find your work impressive and valuable; 28thNovember 2013

•    Wouldn’t want to miss even one edition of your valuable sourcing of information; 10thMay 2012

•    Packed with great articles and the links to find more info; 7th July 2011

•    I spend a lot of time doing research and really value concise but informative pieces such as yours; 26th March 2009

•    I’m changing jobs, still very keen to receive these newsletters though; 6th March 2008

•    Thanks for these snippets – always interesting and I even follow some of them up!; 31st July 2006

•    I have been forwarded your newsletter and was impressed, as we are attempting to integrate sustainability into the [company’s] business model I would be keen to be placed on the electronic circulation list; 10th November 2005

•    Your dedication to the cause has been impressive; indeed inspirational. It’s been an eye opener seeing the effort you put in behind the scenes and I along with many others, take great pleasure in receiving Sustainability Matters . I sincerely hope you find the energy to continue the good work; 1st November 2004

•    I have found the newsletters to be a really great source of interest and stimulation, as well as keeping in touch with happenings; 20th December 2002

•    Many thanks for your excellent newsletters – they have been inspirational! Please keep sending them to me as I intend to keep working in this area; 14th October 2002.

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