Sustainability Matters 7th June 2018

This edition is 5 pages rather than the usual 4 because there is so much going
on and secondly because the edition due 5th July may not be produced on account of family activities at that time;
•    Sustainability Working Group – Meeting and video-link facilities
•    If Humanity has Changed the Climate by Mistake, Can We Change it With Intent?
•    Low-emissions Economy – Draft Report
•    It Takes Passion and Vision to Create Change
•    Systems Thinking, Critical Thinking, and Personal Resilience
•    Expert Panel Critical of Government’s Climate Change Planning
•    A Healthy Economy Should be Designed to Thrive, Not Grow
•    Beyond GDP: Measuring New Zealand’s Wellbeing Progress
•    Conscience and Resistance
•    Feeding Cows Seaweed Cuts 99% of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Their Burps
•    Integrated Reporting Training
•    Top Tips for Finance Teams
•    Resilience Reader: Essential Resources for an Era of Upheaval
•    Seismic Thrift: Welcome to the Shopping Centre for Recycled Goods
•    Plastic Waste In to Homes Costing US$280
•    2018 End of Childhood Report
•    Food Index Calls Meat and Fish Companies Worth $152 Billion ‘High Risk’
•    “Backward, Forward, Outward, Inward” the Four Dimensions of Materiality Assessment
•    The Muddling of Price and Value
•    Kiwi Couple Launch Green Businesses in Indonesia to Protect Sea Turtles
•    We Are On Course to Double the Combined Effort of 11,000 Years in the Next 25 Years
•    Alternative Protein Reports Published
•    Rebooting Recycling – What can Aotearoa Do?
•    Divesting from Fossil Fuels – 890 Institutions

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