Sustainability Matters 28th October 2021

In this edition of Sustainability Matters you can read about;

      •    NZ Passes World-first Climate Reporting Law
      •    Flying Blind: The Glaring Absence of Climate Risks in Financial Reporting
      •    A View of New Zealand’s Response to COVID-19 in a ‘Noisy World’
      •    On-Farm Emissions Calculations for Accountants
      •    17 SDGs by SEVENTEENx
      •    Why the World’s Rich Nations Must Pay for Climate Damage
      •    Access to a Healthy Environment, Declared a Human Right by UN Rights Council
      •    The Next Generation of Climate Leaders and How We Can Help
      •    NABERSNZ, How it May Affect You
      •    Could Property Law Help Achieve ‘Rights of Nature’ for Wild Animals?
      •    NZ’s Organic Farmers of the Year
      •    Climate Action Workshop Series
      •    Biocapacity: Living Within Our Local Limits
      •    None of Us See Risk Clearly
      •    Powerful, Local Stories Can Inspire Us to Take Action on Climate Change
      •    Advertising’s Influence
      •    User Testing: Toolkit for Sustainable Procurement
      •    ‘Landmark Decision’ Gives Legal Teeth to Protect Environmental Defenders
      •    California Outlaws Future Sales of Small Petrol-powered Equipment
      •    Live from COP26 with Rod Oram.

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