Sustainability Matters 25th November 2021

In this edition of Sustainability Matters you can read about;

      •    CA ANZ Joins Professional Bodies Climate Action Charter
      •    Jeanette Fitzsimons Climate Action Grants
      •    Bedrock Rights
      •    Climate COP-Out 26
      •    National Food Roadmap Update
      •    Two COP26 Fossils
      •    Martin Hill & Philippa Jones: The Art of the Sustainable
      •    Value Reporting Foundation Symposium
      •    Energy Transition and Economic Sufficiency: Food, Transportation and Education in a Post-Carbon Society
      •    Fueling the Transition: Accelerating Cost-Competitive Green Hydrogen
      •    Carbon Sequestration by Native Forest – Setting the Record Straight
      •    Warm Waters
      •    Leading European Business Schools Unite to Accelerate Business Response to Climate Crisis
      •    2021’s Children’s Climate Prize to a 15-year-old for AI Forest Fire Technology Project
      •    Ship Conversion to Green Ammonia by 2022
      •    Chile to Export Solar via 15,000km Cable
      •    New Zealand Green Investment Finance Backs Commercial Solar
      •    More NZ Climate Litigation
      •    The Enormous Hole Whaling Left Behind
      •    Is a University Degree Still Worth It?

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