Sustainability Matters 21st June 2018

This edition is 7 pages rather than the usual 4 firstly because there is so much going on.
Secondly, because of family activities it is unlikely there will be an edition on 5th July;
•    Sustainability Working Group – Meeting and video-link facilities
•    Zero Carbon Bill Consultation Opens
•    Low-emissions Economy – Submissions in Response to Draft Report
•    Mexico has Found a Beautiful Way to Clean its Polluted Air
•    Investing for Wellbeing: Balancing Commercial and Social Outcomes
•    Treasury Seeks Feedback on Proposed Living Standards Dashboard
•    NZ’s First Ever Circular Economy Summit
•    Auckland Council Green Bond Offer
•    Child Car Seats – 8,000 recycled
•    I’m Natural Not Plastic
•    Event Series on Child Poverty, Wellbeing and Human Capital
•    Entries Open for ‘Oscars of Sustainability’!
•    New Zealand Waste
•    Ecoware has Produced its First Comprehensive Sustainability Report
•    Three Surprising Resource Implications From the Rise of Electric Vehicles
•    Exploring the Impacts of Shareholder Activism on Sustainability:
     A Shareholder Activism for Sustainability Report
•    Beyond Paper and Promises: Assessing the Impacts of Corporate Pulp
     and Paper Commitments on Forests and Frontline Communities
•    Wellbeing and Public Policy Conference
•    British MPs Want Big Companies to Report on Climate-change Risks
•    Cornfields Could Play a Role in Recycling Old Electronics
•    Thousands of RMA Breaches – Many Fewer Prosecutions
•    Liquid Air Storage Technology Challenges Long-duration Battery Storage
•    Resilience
•    First of Its Kind Loan: Barclays’ Borrower Pays Less if Sustainability
     Targets Are Met
•    Organisational Fit for Purpose
•    Recycle Yoghurt Pouches to Win Upcycled Prizes
•    Researchers Map Environmental Conflicts
•    What Are We Innovating For?
•    Call for Papers: 17th A-CSEAR Conference
•    An Alphabet of Reading Accessibility Issues

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