Sustainability Matters 1st March 2018

A ‘heads up’! In the next week or two you are likely to receive a survey. Yes, surveys are a
‘pain’. I’ve not circulated one for many years. Completing it will help inform the ongoing
content, design, format etc. of Sustainability Matters. YOUR opportunity – YOUR input!

In this edition;
•    Sustainability Working Group – “Sustainable Development Reporting” – Taskforce report
•    Why Climate Risks Matter to Business in 2018
•    NZ’s Environmental-economic Accounts: 2018
•    System for Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA)
•    ‘Do You Have a Moment?’ – Potential for Serious Consequences Ignored
•    Do You Derive Benefits from Sustainability Matters?
•    Greenwashed Timber: How Sustainable Forest Certification Has Failed
•    Report – Responsible Business
•    Tax Changes in China Driving Big Environmental Changes
•    Do Algae Excite You?
•    Eco Design Advisor Annual Conference
•    Can the World Find Solutions to the Nitrogen Pollution Crisis?
•    Lecture: Prof Johan Rockström – Planetary Boundaries
•    Economic Growth is Not Compatible with Environmental Sustainability
•    An Ecosystem for Environmental Education
•    Sustainability: Can Our Society Endure?
•    Dying Waters: India Struggles to Clean Up Its Polluted Urban Rivers
•    Go Green Expo – Auckland
•    Small Steps Big Strides: Building Sustainable Habits at Home
•    Southland to Get Its Oats
•    CFO Summit and Awards (NZ) 2018
•    To Fight Climate Change, We Have to Make Cooling a Hot Topic
•    The Emergence of the Sustainability Manager in Business
•    Targeting Value: Setting, Tracking & Integrating High-Impact Sustainability Goals
•    John Tyndall 1820 – GHG Pioneer.

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