Sustainability Matters 15th March 2018

A ‘heads up’! About a day ago you should have received an invitation to participate
 in a survey about Sustainability Matters. I welcome your input and encourage
 you to participate – a good time to do so could be when you look at this
 edition. The link is;

In this edition;
•    Sustainability Working Group –A Plea to the Accounting Profession:
    Governance for Sustainability
– Taskforce discussion document
•    How The Global Accounting Profession Is a Catalyst for Achieving UN Sustainable
     Development Goals
•    New [NZ] Research Confirms Sustainability Drives Growth
•    Do You Derive Benefits from Sustainability Matters?
•    Think Resilience Guided Course: March-April
•    A Zero Carbon Act for New Zealand: Revisiting ‘Stepping Stones to Paris and Beyond’
•    Thermal Piles for Ground Source Heating & Cooling – Webinar
•    Rod Oram: A Radical Reinvention of Our [NZ] Economy
•    Farming Must Respect the Past But Build a Different Future
•    #PressforProgress to End Modern Slavery – Join the first wave
•    Urban Heat: Can White Roofs Help Cool World’s Warming Cities?
•    Green Bonds Do More Harm than Good
•    China’s Public Transport Planners Ponder How to Cope with Rapidly Rising Urban
•    The Third Industrial Revolution: A Radical New Sharing Economy
•    What Money Can’t Buy
•   US Government Loses Bid to Halt Children’s Climate Change Lawsuit
•    Sustainable Procurement
•    Why ‘Free Trade’ Agreements Serve Corporations First
•    The Town that’s Found a Potent Cure for Illness – Community
•    Password Leaks are a Rich Source of Information for Hackers.

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