Sustainability Matters 14th April 2022

In this edition of Sustainability Matters you can read about;
      •    An ‘Ecological Constitution’ for Chile?
      •    Meet the ‘Future Generations’ Commissioner of Wales
      •    The IPCC Report – 3,675 pages
      •    Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Climate Case
      •    Valuing Nature and People to Inform Business Decision-making
      •    TCFD Mandate: Everything to Know About the UK’s Climate Disclosure Requirements
      •    Sweden Could be First Country to Target Consumption-based Emission Cuts
      •    NZ’s Environmental Hero of the Year: Charmaine Bailie
      •    Exposure Drafts on Climate and General Sustainability-related Financial Disclosures Published by ISSB
      •    Green Gremlins: The Hidden Fraud Risks in ESG Branding
      •    Wild Sounds: The Loss of Sonic Diversity and Why it Matters
      •    Opposition to ‘Human Rights’ in Nature Talks
      •    The Promise of Farming with Solar Panels
      •    The Green Divide: How Wealth Buys Shade in a Warming World
      •    The 2022 Chocolate Scorecard
      •    Beverage Container Return Scheme for NZ
      •    NZ’s New Water Regulator Not a Guarantee Drinking Water Standards will Improve
      •    How Biochar can Mitigate Carbon in Farmlands and Urban Centres
      •    78 year old’s Four-wheeled Electric Bike
      •    Ecuador Grants Wild Animals Legal Rights in a World First
      •    Travel Choices: A Personal Dilemma

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