Sustainability Matters 14th April 2016

In this ‘monster’ 6 page** edition;

•    Sustainability Group Events
•    Policy Makers Raising the Bar on Sustainability Reporting Worldwide
•    How to Make a Nation: A Monocle Guide
•    Edelman Trust Barometer Published in NZ For the First Time
•    Why Would You Think About Becoming a TNS Professional?
•    What if Every Act of Design and Construction Made the World a Better Place?
•    The Farm which Grows Climate Change Solutions
•    Fit for the Future: Be More Effective, Get More Done, with Less Stress
•    Antarctic Loss Could Double Sea Rise by 2100
•    Do Good Jobs
•    British Columbia Businesses Call for a Stronger Carbon Tax
•    Ecolabel Index
•    Environment & Sustainability Consulting Commercial Manager – Local & International
•    These 21 Countries are Cutting Carbon While Growing GDP
•    One Million Climate Jobs: Tackling the Environmental and Economic Crises
•    ‘Up to 100 Years’ to Restore Waikato River
•    The True Cost – Who Pays the Price for Our Clothing?
•    John Elkington’s Required Reading
•    Dairy Downturn Chance to Change
•    The Role of Internal Audit in Non-financial and Integrated Reporting
•    Success in a Time of Economic Distress
•    ACCA Welcomes Launch of the EC Public consultation on Non-financial Reporting Guidelines
•    Ranui Sustainable Brings Kiwi Innovators to Northland
•    Sorry, Feds: Kids Can Sue Over Climate Negligence, Judge Says
•    Battle of Giants: GRI vs SASB vs IR

** = Currently there is such a large amount of ‘relevant’ sustainability related material it seems appropriate to convey more of it to you.

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