Sustainability Matters 11th October 2018

In this edition you can read a very tiny fragment of what’s going on in the ‘sustainability’ world;

      •   Sustainability Working Group – Insights to 9th October 2001 action
      •   ‘Most Important Years in history’: Major UN Report Sounds
          Last-Minute Climate Alarm
      •   Global Warming 1.5°C
      •   37 Things You Need to Know about 1.5C Global Warming
      •   ‘We’re Moving to Higher Ground’: America’s Era of Climate Mass
           Migration is Here
      •   We Must Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions to Net Zero or Face
           More Floods
      •   While Economic Growth Continues We’ll Never Kick Our Fossil
          Fuels Habit
      •   Un Intended Consequences: Impact Assessment for Sustainable
          Regional Futures

      •   Introducing Shareable
      •   Humans Are Not Just the Problem; They Are the Solution to Climate
      •   Students Build a Car which Runs on Air
      •   Kiwi Ingenuity Shines at Energy Efficiency Awards
      •   How to Make Air Conditioning More Sustainable
      •   Social Metrics Commission Launches a New Measure of UK Poverty
      •   Social Enterprise World Forum 2018 in Edinburgh
      •   How to Fix Our Air Conditioning Problem
      •   Where in the World Do You Read Sustainability Matters?

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