Sustainability Matters 11th November 2021

In this edition of Sustainability Matters you can read about;

      •    A Reflection on Armistice Day
      •    Reasons to be Cheerful
      •    APEC CEO Summit 2021
      •    Feeding Ourselves Thirsty: Tracking Food Company Progress Toward a Water-Smart Future
      •    Navigating Climate Risks and Opportunities
      •    As Warming and Drought Increase, a New Case for Ending Big Dams
      •    2021 Sustainable Business Awards
      •    2021 CFO Sustainability Snapshot Survey Results
      •    Our Kids Always Lose Stuff. Why Do We Tolerate Them Destroying the Planet?
      •    Reviving the Art of Apprenticeship to Unlock Continuous Skill Development
      •    This Is How It Ends, A Seven-part Stuff Documentary Series
      •    Sustainable Procurement Activator Course and Leaders Group
      •    Collaboration – You Can Make It Work With Great Results
      •    CFO and Climate Risk Training
      •    National Level Collaboration – Setting Up for Success
      •    Tackling Modern Slavery in Our Backyard
      •    Net Zero New Zealand: The Emissions Workshop
      •    A Global Review of How Environmental Issues are Integrated in Education

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