Sustainability Matters 10th December 2020

In this edition of Sustainability Matters you can read about;

      •    Peak Accounting Body Commits to UN’s Sustainable Development Goals
      •    IIRC and SASB Intend to Merge in Major Step towards Simplifying Corporate Reporting
      •    The Real Looting in America is the Walton Family
      •    New Centre Advances Integrated Reporting to Build Trust in Business
      •    Disclosing Financially Material Water-related Information in Corporate Reporting
      •    Climate Change Commission – Online Events
      •    In the Eye of the Storm: Reflections from the Second Pacific Climate Change Conference
      •    Working From Home: What’s Your Carbon Footprint?
      •    Online Giants and Tech Powerhouses in Eye of the Storm as UK Battles e-waste Tsunami
      •    COVID Quiets the Cruise Industry: How ‘Going Back to Normal’ Should Not be a Given
      •    Meet the Mercedes AA Class Sedan
      •    Countdown Commits to Green Buildings
      •    Advertisements Harm the Planet
      •    Micro-plastics Found Near Everest’s Peak
      •    Mixed Farming Beats Intensive Agriculture Methods
      •    Care as Commons: A Brief Introduction
      •    100-year-old Kiwi Business Leads the Way
      •    Climate Change and Corporate Value: What Companies Really Think.

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