Sustainability Matters 2nd August 2018

In this edition you can read about;

      •   Sustainability Working Group – Insights to 17th July 2001 meeting
      •   New Government Indicators – Significant Announcement
      •   Investing for Wellbeing Panel: Balancing Commercial and Social
: Keynote Speech
      •   Reserve Bank Governor – Climate Leaders Coalition Briefing
      •   NZ Companies, Councils, Not ‘Walking Talk’ on Climate Risk
      •   Submissions – Proposed the Zero Carbon Bill
      •   The Upcoming Zero Carbon Bill: What it Means for NZ Organisations
      •   16 of the World’s Leading Banks Collaborate to Tackle Physical Risks of
            Climate Change
      •   Preparing for Stronger Refrigerant Regulations
      •   Researchers Use 36 years of Bike Race Footage to Illustrate Belgium’s
             Changing Climate
      •   Carrots n’ beets Strengthen Concrete
      •   Bamboo Can Power Sustainable Development
      •   Barefoot is Best for Kids’ Bodies and Brains
      •   Rice Farmers are Substituting Ducks for Pesticides
      •   Electronics Recycling About to Get a World-wide Shake-up
      •   Economic Development NZ 2018

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