Sustainability Matters 21st June 2018

This edition is 7 pages rather than the usual 4 firstly because there is so much going on.
Secondly, because of family activities it is unlikely there will be an edition on 5th July;
•    Sustainability Working Group – Meeting and video-link facilities
•    Zero Carbon Bill Consultation Opens
•    Low-emissions Economy – Submissions in Response to Draft Report
•    Mexico has Found a Beautiful Way to Clean its Polluted Air
•    Investing for Wellbeing: Balancing Commercial and Social Outcomes
•    Treasury Seeks Feedback on Proposed Living Standards Dashboard
•    NZ’s First Ever Circular Economy Summit
•    Auckland Council Green Bond Offer
•    Child Car Seats – 8,000 recycled
•    I’m Natural Not Plastic
•    Event Series on Child Poverty, Wellbeing and Human Capital
•    Entries Open for ‘Oscars of Sustainability’!
•    New Zealand Waste
•    Ecoware has Produced its First Comprehensive Sustainability Report
•    Three Surprising Resource Implications From the Rise of Electric Vehicles
•    Exploring the Impacts of Shareholder Activism on Sustainability:
     A Shareholder Activism for Sustainability Report
•    Beyond Paper and Promises: Assessing the Impacts of Corporate Pulp
     and Paper Commitments on Forests and Frontline Communities
•    Wellbeing and Public Policy Conference
•    British MPs Want Big Companies to Report on Climate-change Risks
•    Cornfields Could Play a Role in Recycling Old Electronics
•    Thousands of RMA Breaches – Many Fewer Prosecutions
•    Liquid Air Storage Technology Challenges Long-duration Battery Storage
•    Resilience
•    First of Its Kind Loan: Barclays’ Borrower Pays Less if Sustainability
     Targets Are Met
•    Organisational Fit for Purpose
•    Recycle Yoghurt Pouches to Win Upcycled Prizes
•    Researchers Map Environmental Conflicts
•    What Are We Innovating For?
•    Call for Papers: 17th A-CSEAR Conference
•    An Alphabet of Reading Accessibility Issues

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  • Sustainability Matters 7th June 2018

    This edition is 5 pages rather than the usual 4 because there is so much going
    on and secondly because the edition due 5th July may not be produced on account of family activities at that time;
    •    Sustainability Working Group – Meeting and video-link facilities
    •    If Humanity has Changed the Climate by Mistake, Can We Change it With Intent?
    •    Low-emissions Economy – Draft Report
    •    It Takes Passion and Vision to Create Change
    •    Systems Thinking, Critical Thinking, and Personal Resilience
    •    Expert Panel Critical of Government’s Climate Change Planning
    •    A Healthy Economy Should be Designed to Thrive, Not Grow
    •    Beyond GDP: Measuring New Zealand’s Wellbeing Progress
    •    Conscience and Resistance
    •    Feeding Cows Seaweed Cuts 99% of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Their Burps
    •    Integrated Reporting Training
    •    Top Tips for Finance Teams
    •    Resilience Reader: Essential Resources for an Era of Upheaval
    •    Seismic Thrift: Welcome to the Shopping Centre for Recycled Goods
    •    Plastic Waste In to Homes Costing US$280
    •    2018 End of Childhood Report
    •    Food Index Calls Meat and Fish Companies Worth $152 Billion ‘High Risk’
    •    “Backward, Forward, Outward, Inward” the Four Dimensions of Materiality Assessment
    •    The Muddling of Price and Value
    •    Kiwi Couple Launch Green Businesses in Indonesia to Protect Sea Turtles
    •    We Are On Course to Double the Combined Effort of 11,000 Years in the Next 25 Years
    •    Alternative Protein Reports Published
    •    Rebooting Recycling – What can Aotearoa Do?
    •    Divesting from Fossil Fuels – 890 Institutions

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  • Sustainability Matters 24th May 2018

    In this edition;
    •    Sustainability Working Group – Reporting framework inventory
    •    Getting Climate Smart: A Primer for Corporate Directors in a Changing Environment
    •    The Infinite Game: How to Live Well Together
    •    Wellbeing in Abundance – Looking After Our Own Backyard
    •    SYSTEMS RULE: How Board Governance Can Drive Sustainability Performance
    •    Neonicotinoid Pesticides Ban by EU
    •    Mitre 10 to Remove Single-use Plastic Bags
    •    NZ Buildings Create More Emissions than Previously Thought
    •    Plastic Bag Found in Mariana Trench; Deepest Place on Earth
    •    Bill McKibben’s 5 Big Messages on NZ and Climate Change
    •    Creating Living Buildings (CLB) Short Course August 2018
    •    Product Announcement: Trucost SDG Evaluation Tool
    •    WasteAid Photography Competition The Wonders of Waste
    •    Materiality: Driving Integrated Thinking
    •    Time for More Government Leadership on the Sustainable Development Goals?
    •    NZ’s Largest Farmer Embraces Future as Envisaged by Labour Government
    •    Resource Management Update
    •    Hawke’s Bay eco-business Churns Organic Waste to Energy
    •    New Phase of Globalisation Could Worsen CO2 Pollution – Study
    •    A Movement of Movements to Transform to a Wellbeing Economy: WEAll
    •    Costa Rica to Become the World’s First Zero Carbon Economy
    •    The Circular Economy Opportunity for Auckland and How Business Can Realise It

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  • Sustainability Matters 10th May 2018

    In this edition;
    •    Sustainability Working Group – Reporting framework inventory
    •    Factfulness
    •    Getting to Zero: Challenging but Achievable
    •    Wise Response Submission to the Tax Working Group
    •    Native Knowledge: What Ecologists Are Learning from Indigenous People
    •    Adding Social Value via Service Procurement
    •    Creepy Cuisine: The Rise of Edible Insects
    •    Supercharge Your Carbon Reporting with Science and Transparency
    •    The Gateway Bug: A Documentary About the Future of Food
    •    SBN – A Job in Wellington
    •    The Housing Summit 2018 – Because It’s Time for Change
    •    Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) – thinkstep Committed
    •    This Animal Kills More People In a Day Than Sharks Do In a Century
    •    Local Government (Community Well Being) Amendment Bill
    •    Psychology for a Better World: Working with People to Save the Planet
    •    Scientists Hope New Enzyme Will ‘Eat’ Plastic Pollution
    •    Why You Can’t Have Free Trade and Save the Planet
    •    Modern Slavery Reporting – Issues and Implications for Business
    •    Dutch Company Uses Bison to Maintain Pure Drinking Water
    •    Manager – Sustainability/Better Business Reporting.

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  • Sustainability Matters 26th April 2018

    In this edition;
    •    Sustainability Working Group – First edition of newsletter
    •    Bill McKibben in NZ
    •    NZ’s Government is Looking Into the Future of Tax – and Wants Your Opinion
    •    Sewage Overflows Surged by 379% Last Year – Water New Zealand Report
    •    Connecting Finance and Natural Capital
    •    The Future of Everything: Why the Third Industrial Revolution Is a Risk to NZ
    •    Every 2 Minutes Malaria Kills a Child
    •    Solar Panels – When Useful Life is Over?
    •    We Need a Safe Climate More than We Need Oil and Gas
    •    if you want big change, network it!
    •    Wrangler Shows Economic Benefits of Sustainable Cotton Farming
    •    Finance Key to Net-zero Economy – Shaw
    •    Monthly Electric and Hybrid Light Vehicle Registrations [NZ]
    •    Food Giant Danone is Now the Largest B Corp In the World
    •    The Most Important Climate Treaty You’ve Never Heard Of
    •    Our Land 2018 – Warnings and Wake-up Calls
    •    US Loses Bid to Halt Children’s Climate Change Lawsuit

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  • Sustainability Matters 12th April 2018

    There have been 79 responses to the Sustainability Matters reader survey. A set of
    preliminary results are attached for possible interest. They have yet to be analysed
    in detail and decisions made. Every contribution is much appreciated. Thank you.

    In this edition;
    •    Sustainability Working Group – First edition of newsletter
    •    Measuring the Meaning of Life
    •    The Commitment to Reducing Inequality Index – July 2017
    •    How Climate Activists Failed to Make Clear the Problem with Natural Gas
    •    A New Global Standard to Address Bribery Risk: ISO 37001
    •    Energy Hogs: Can World’s Huge Data Centres be More Efficient?
    •    The Case for Taking Early Action on Climate Change
    •    Southeast Asia Closes Island Beaches to Recover from Climate Change and Tourism
    •    Waste Land, Promised Land
    •    GRI Standards and Courses Soon
    •    Impact Investing Fund Goes Live in NZ
    •    Learning from Tūhoe – Four Practical Insights to Run Great Design Workshops
    •    Will the ‘Educated’ Save the Environment?
    •    The Growth Delusion: Wealth, Poverty, and the Well-being of Nations
    •    The Statistics are Mind-Numbing …
    •    Trading for Good: A Report on Small and Medium-sized Social Enterprises
    •    World Congress of Accountants
    •    It’s Time for Companies to Clean up Their Act
    •    Greenpeace International Ends its Forest Stewardship Council Membership

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  • Sustainability Matters 29th March 2018

    A big ‘thank you’ to the 71 readers who have responded to the Sustainability Matters survey.
    The results are very encouraging, thought provoking and challenging. There are some
    very diverse suggestions! If you have not yet contributed I welcome your input and
    encourage you to participate – ideally before your Easter break. The link is;

    In this edition;
    •    Sustainability Working Group –A Plea to the Accounting Profession: Governance
        for Sustainability
    – Taskforce discussion document
    •    Submissions on NZ’s Priorities in the International Climate Change Negotiations
    •    Sustainability Accounting and Integrated Reporting
    •    On the Louisiana Coast, A Native Community Sinks Slowly into the Sea
    •    Kauri – 17 Other Species Depend on Them
    •    Donation Opportunity – Sustainability Matters?
    •    Our Dying Soils: The Invisible Crisis Under Our Feet
    •    Investing for Wellbeing – The New Zealand Treasury Investment Statement
    •    A World of Three Zeros: The New Economics of Zero Poverty, Zero Unemployment,
        and Zero Net Carbon Emissions

    •    Numbers Magazine: The Sustainability Issue – Autumn 2018
    •   ‘Smart Partnering’ for Both Business and Societal Value
    •    Global Opportunity Report 2017 – Dare to Think Big
    •    Why India’s Farmers Want to Conserve Indigenous Heirloom Rice
    •    Merger from Hell Just Approved
    •    Women in Environment, Conservation & Sustainability Leadership
    •    In Britain’s Playgrounds, ‘Bringing in Risk’ to Build Resilience
    •    First 10-star Dwellings Built in Auckland
    •    NZ and Australia’s SDG’s Rankings.

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